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About Us: Biography of the founder

Begin with brass latching worker and have an ambition to establish brass factory, the factory have been founded 30 years ago, start with small size manufacturer and continuously expand until present day.

We now have a computer assist latching machine, to ensure that the product will have good standard and perfection. Despite brass molding, our company also provides punching service for brass material with modern hydraulic machine that also cover services for brushing and polishing work. Thus the company has a confident that our product and service quality will be considered competitive in the market.
Production procedure
  1. Start with put 3 main material, copper, brass, and zinc, to cast in finery which require perfect portion to obtain high quality brass.
  2. After casting in suitable temperature and brass being in perfect condition to proceed to next step, it will be poured in to prepared mold, the finished product will then transferred to latching machine to produce to desired product.
  3. In each latching process it is not necessary that it will be only latched once, it might require partially treat so some of the product would require considerably many procedures and details.
    Latching work is then required skilled worker, especially for large product, which is rare and not many manufacturer are able to handle.
    After all the process the product is finished with brushing and polishing.
How to maintenance brass material
  1. Keep in closed air environment and in shade, after used clean with plain water and wipe immediately with dry, clean cloth to prevent water stain.
  2. Because color of brass are susceptible to change by environment, which called dull, Thai traditional way to clean it is to use lemon and salt for brass polishing but now a day we have specific polish solvent that is easier to use.
  3. If the color appeared to be dull or changing it can be fixed by polish with brass polishing solvent, plate it with nickel (silver color) or gold (same color as brass), or streak it with color, the most popular color is green.

Note*: we have polishing solvent for sell, plating and streaking service at friendly price.